Workshops & Classes

Earth pigment foraging

Our relationship with land cannot heal until we hear its stories. 
— Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass


Ochre Practices Workshop
A three-part online/zoom workshop series recorded in October 2023 to learn how to make work with earth pigment. Each session is 2hrs long. We explore a variety of artistic, material and spiritual practices for working with stone, soil, soul, earth and place-based pigments in the ochre family. Each week there is suggested further reading and exercises to do on your own time. Teachings are rooted in art/craft skills, local + ecological knowledge, spiritual exercise and earth magic.

Recordings + Info offered here.


Ochre and Magic Technologies (Public Talk)
School of Art, Art History, and Design, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Earth Pigment as Ritual Practice (Workshop)
516 Arts, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Public Forum: Art as Eco-Activism (Artists’ Panel Talk, online and in-person)
516 Arts, New Mexico

Previous classes offered: Earth Pigment Masterclass, Making Pigment, Working with Earth Pigments, Earth Pigment Foraging, Geologic Color, Coastal Pigment Foraging, Land Pigments Intensive, Ochre Practice, Integrating Natural Pigments, Material Color and the Built Environment, Making Earth Paints (with Children)

Private individual or small land-based group workshops and independent mentorships on limited-basis, by request only at this time. Priority given to people who aim to protect ochre places and engage sites of mineral extraction, or anyone seeking to do critical work with local geologic color.


Rocks in Our Heads: A Curators’ Talk with Heidi Gustafson and Devon Deimler ⤳ Talk for Feeding the Unseen exhibition at Philosophical Research Society, in LA, CA.

Ochre’s Sanctuary: Undoing the Iron Age ⤳ recorded talk at the Pigments Revealed Symposium.

Ochre Across Deep Time ⤳ recorded panel conversation between fellow ochre researchers Elizabeth VellikyMagnus HaalandTammy HodgkissLarissa Mendoza StaffronAnn Gollifer and Heidi Gustafson.

Conjuring Deities: Archetypal Presence in Ugaritic and Tibetan Visionary Texts ⤳ collaborative dialogue with Dr. Steven D. Goodman, for Joseph Campell Foundation Mythological Roundtable (for Opus Archives) at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Ochre Sanctuary Visit ⤳ zoom chat for Botanical Colors Feedback Friday.

May the Rocks be Our Masters ⤳ Knitted Heart podcast ep. 10

Ochre Pigments ⤳ with LaChaun Moore for Weave podcast ep. 91.

*select public talks and dialogues, full CV by request