Early Futures Ochre Archive

World-wide archive to protect and study ochre, ie. iron-based earth and pigments.

The collection includes hundreds of ochres, gathered by citizens around the planet, including spiritually significant ochres such as kokowai from New Zealand, ‘dm from Iran, pultewiš-‘enen and hilhil from California and geologically significant ochres like GOE (Great Oxidation Event ) 2 billion+ years old goethite from Australia, and wastewater vivianite from Taiwanese industrial plants.

Areas of focus

Ochres from ancient, sacred and commercially significant landscapes and sites.
– Pigments, clays, soil, mud, sandstones and minerals of hematite, goethite, limonite, magnetite, maghemite, siderite, vivianite and other iron-rich minerals. See Ochre Minerals to learn more.
– Iron-based material from eroding or endangered regions, toxic waste sites, including banned countries and controversial regions.
– Ochres used and made by non-human beings including microbes and vultures.
– The study of ochre terms and historical uses.
– Burial, medicinal and ritual ochres.
– Comparative spiritual uses of ochre across cultures.
– Cross-cultural collaboration and connection through ochre exchange

See our Research page to learn more.



We rely on generous pigment offerings and monetary donations to fund our projects.

1. Send your earth! Get in touch with Heidi Gustafson, heidi@earlyfutures.com to tell us more about what mineral wonders you can share and where in the world you are.

2. Support the Ochre Archive. Make a one-time donation.

3. Sponsor a pigment. $26 helps archive one pigment. Donors receive a note on what pigment they are helping us protect and catalogue. 

Many thanks to the following generous contributors:

Melonie Ancheta, Native Paint Revealed, USA
Scott Sutton, Pigment Hunter, USA
Crystalynn Tarr, Rendered Earth Studio, Canada
New Riverside Ochre Co, USA
Hormuz Powders , Iran and Canada
Promindsa, Micronox Pigments, Spain
Jason Logan, Toronto Ink Company, Canada
Ricky Priambodo, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Leon Korving, Mark van Loosdrecht, Philip Wilfert , Wetsus, Netherlands
Dorieke Schreurs, Netherlands
Morgan Williams, Applied Soils, University of Berkeley, USA
Alexis Joseph with Case for Making, San Francisco, CA, USA
Devon Deimler, Opus Archives at Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA
Dr. Steven Goodman, California Institute of Integral Studies, SF, CA.
Symeon Van Donkelaar, artist and iconographer, Ontario, Canada
Attila Gazo, Master Pigments, USA
Andrew Zipkin,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA and Zambia
Phil Sibrell, USGS, USA
Tim Runde, Des Moines WWTP, USA
Book/Shop, USA
Earth Pigments Distributors, USA
Kremer Pigment, Germany
Natural Pigments Distributors, USA
Dr. Claire E Gustafson, Stanford University, USA
Gregg and Jody Gustafson, Kirkland, USA
NW Rockhounds, USA
Kitt Repass, USA
Sintija Strode, Artist, Latvia
Lydia and Kurt Scherer, Stonehouse Artifacts, USA
Elin Glærum Haugland, Artist, Norway + Brazilian Amazon
Zeide Furtado, Civil Engineer and Soil Scientist, Brazil
Anja Slapničar, Slovenian Ceramics, Slovenia
Catalina Morales Christensen, artist/architect, UK and Columbia
Stoneworks Mill, Baltimore, MD, USA
Hana Louise Shahnavaz, traditional Persian painter, London
Amanda Brazier, artist, Tennessee, USA
Adam D. Haack, gem smith, Australia
Amy Fujimoto, Hawaii, USA
Madisen Hilligoss, artist + naturalist, Squamish territory, British Columbia, Canada
Sarah, earthenware maker, Whakatāne, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Caroline James, naturalist + adventurer, Iceland
Angela Muller, prairie artist, Kansas, USA
Stella Maria Baer, painter + pigment worker, Colorado, USA
Karen Eisenstadt, nature journalist + observer, Berkeley, CA, USA
Patricia Belyea with Okan Arts, Tokyo, Japan and Seattle, WA, USA
Blossom Mertz, Wildland Press, New Mexico, USA
Madison Woods of Wild Ozark, artist + paint maker, Arkansas, USA
Buck McAdoo, mycologist + naturalist, Bellingham, WA, USA
Sky and Ben Peck, youth artists, Kenmore, WA, USA
Kuros Zahedi, Saku Tea, Bellingham, WA
Margaret Griffin, ceramicist and wild clay researcher, Nova Scotia + Montreal, Quebec
Cyrus Kellick, meteorite discoverer, Wales, UK
Sibella Court, interior design alchemist + The Society Inc., Australia
Elissa Callen, artist + plant tender, Oakland, CA, USA
Stephanie Cosby, medical intuitive + plant keeper at PLANTS PLUS PEOPLE, Memphis, TN, USA
Kat Gosiengfiao, pigment forager and paint maker, PintaPH, Philippines
Alyssa Dennis, artist + illustrator, NYC + Mali, Africa
Helen Correll, artist + naturalist, South Carolina
Julie Kim, artist + pigment worker, Washington, USA
Dr. Tammy Hodgskiss, Ochre Archeologist and Curator, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tilke Elkins, artist and founder of Wild Pigment Project, Oregon, USA
Karla Sofía Claudio Betancourt, artist, Puerto Rico
Thos Little, ink maker + alchemist, USA
Caroline Ross, wildcraft maverick, England
Elizabeth Ahlem Clark, artist + colorist, Bellingham, WA, US.
Sandy Zarszycka, Ochre archeologist, Powars II site, Wyoming.
Wolfgang Schweizer, artist, Germany.
Elaine Su-Hui, Inner Fields NY, USA + Australia.
Agulis Pigments, Armenia.
Leah Koransky, artist, Berkeley, CA, USA.
Kimberly Boustead, artist, Minnesota.
Melissa Dickenson, painter, California, USA.
Lizz Aston, artist and natural pigment worker, Toronto, Canada.
Mona Lewis, Waldorf teacher and artist, LA, CA, USA.
Alan Salazar, Chumash elder, LA, CA, USA.
Julia Norton, artist and pigment researcher, Harvard + Brooklyn, USA.
April Luokkala, Colors of the Iron Range, natural paint maker, Michigan, USA.