Collection of over 100 pigments.

Made for art, medicine, remediation and ritual practice.

Mineral pigments are colors made from stone, soil and clay. Finely ground into dirt and dust. Many stones used to make healing pigments are millions of years old, from geologic epochs long before humans existed. The oldest pigment in my collection is 154 million years old.

Stone gathering sites tend to feel endowed with unseen transformational power. This collection of mineral pigments are foraged by hand on site, or sourced from pigment sites of sacred, cultural or historical value. I specialize in and prefer iron-based pigments (ie. ochres, umbers, earths).

Are you a pigment forager? I would love to add a sample of your locally sourced pigment to my collection. Get in touch to collaborate and share your dirt wizardry with me: or on IG @heidilynnheidilynn.