Current Research

Integrated uses of ochres and iron-oxide pigments:
+ hematite (Fe2O3)
+ goethite (FeO(OH))
+ limonite (FeO(OH)·nH2O)
+ vivianite (Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O)
+ magnetite ( Fe3O4)
+ all other iron-based pigments + nanoparticles.

Historical ritual red pigments (besides ochres):
+ cinnabar (HgS)
+ vermillion (synthetic HgS)
+ realgar (As4S4)
+ minium/red lead (Pb3O4)
+ dragonsblood (dracaena tree resin).

The role of pigment color and transformation in alchemical studies

Translations of ancient Ugaritic texts (ca. 1300 BCE, Syria) featuring pigment used in ritual

Recent Talks + Workshops

Conjuring Deities: Archetypal Presence in Ugaritic and Tibetan Visionary Texts with Dr. Steven D. Goodman at Opus Archives of Pacific Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA
view on youtube / download text

Imaginal Integration in Education with Jackie Katz and Stellar Visions at California College of Art, SF, CA

How to make Paint from Stones at Kenmore Elementary, Kenmore, WA

Native Paint Technology with Melonie Ancheta at Lynden Pioneer Museum, Lynden, WA

Artist Books

2016 Seventy-One: Works on Paper (editor), Artist’s Limited Edition, Early Futures, Oakland, CA.

2015 Augury Junction, Early Futures, Oakland, CA.

2014 Glove’s Dreams (co-editor with Alana Siegal), Alice Notley Symposium, Oakland CA.

2013 The Aulos-Girl Papers: On the Death of Plato, via Monoskop, online.

2013 Do Not Expect Me This Evening, International Association for the Study of Dreams, Berkeley, CA.

2013 Forthbring: Notes on Tibetan Buddhist Revelation Traditions, California Institute of Integral Studies, SF, CA.

2013 A Partial Dictionary of Karmic Objects, California Institute of Integral Studies, SF, CA.

2012 Psychic Migrations, Early Futures, Freeland, WA.

2011 When You’re Dead You’re Dead : A Collection of Esoteric Kids Drawings (contributor + forward), Player Press, Baltimore, MD.

2011 The Entangled Future, unpublished illustrated manuscript, Baltimore, MD.

2010 Children’s Think Tank Research Group (editor), Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD.

2009 What We Know About Being Here (editor + translator), Federal Hill Printing w/ Bolton Hill Nursery, Baltimore, MD.

2006 Junior Varsity Dangerous Sports Club (co-editor with Anna Ellison), MICA, Baltimore, MD.

Essays + Articles

Futures Lab: DIY Divination for ChildArt Magazine, International Children’s Art Foundation.

Sermon For Aesthetes: On “Eskimo Wolf Trap often quoted in sermons,” Following NonHuman Kinds Symposium, Bourges, France.

Jindřich Heisler: Saturn in Hiding, online, SF, CA.

Artistic Practice and the Line of Desire in the I-Ching, online, SF, CA.

What is a Surrealist Soul?, CIIS, SF, CA.

A Human’s Guide to Dream Zoology, online, Berkeley, CA.

Relational Futures in Preschool, Journal of Future Studies, Taipei, Taiwan.

Mixtum Horoscopes (monthly, 2011-2012), What Weekly Magazine, Baltimore, MD.

  frm inside our workshop (via instagram)