Current Research

Integrated uses of ochres (ie. iron oxide) pigments:
+ hematite (Fe2O3)
+ goethite (FeO(OH))
+ limonite (FeO(OH)·nH2O)
+ vivianite (Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O)
+ magnetite ( Fe3O4)
+ all other iron-based pigments + nanoparticles.

Creative medicine process of iron oxides at various scales (environmental, biological, cellular):
+ pathological accumulation and release (in human body, especially brain)
+ toxic remediation (soil and biome restoration)
+ iron (+ oxygen) chelation techniques
+ material-based art therapies utilizing raw ochre techniques

Historical ritual red pigments (besides ochres):
+ cinnabar (HgS)
+ vermillion (synthetic HgS)
+ realgar (As4S4)
+ minium/red lead (Pb3O4)
+ dragonsblood (dracaena tree resin).

The role of pigment color and transformation in alchemical studies

Translations of ancient Ugaritic texts (ca. 1300 BCE, Syria, at dawn of the Iron Age) using material pigment for significant climate-oriented rituals, featuring the goddess Anat.

Recent Talks

Conjuring Deities: Archetypal Presence in Ugaritic and Tibetan Visionary Texts with Dr. Steven D. Goodman at Opus Archives of Pacific Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA
view on youtube / download text

Imaginal Integration in Education with Jackie Katz and Stellar Visions at California College of Art, SF, CA

How to make Paint from Stones at Kenmore Elementary, Kenmore, WA

Native Paint Technology with Melonie Ancheta at Lynden Pioneer Museum, Lynden, WA


Intro to Earth Pigments and Colors
Making Pigment from Stones
How to Find Natural Pigments
Ochre and Alchemy
Ritual uses of Ochre
Iron-oxides in art, science and medicine
Material Imagination
Pigment Sourcing for Icons