Early Futures Ochre Collection

Private collection of iron-based pigments + raw material from around the world.

Areas of focus

Ochres from ancient, sacred and commercially significant pigment sites.
Pigments, clays, soil and stones of hematite, goethite, limonite, magnetite, maghemite, siderite, vivianite and other iron ores.


Pigments in our collection are used across multiple disciplines including: conservation, art practice, medicine, science, cosmetics, remediation, wastewater resource recovery, anthropology, pedology, chemistry, history of language, poetry, literature, ecology, climate change history, geology, geography, mining and many others.

Mineral pigments are colors made from stone, soil and clay. Finely ground into dirt and dust. Many stones used to make iron pigments are millions of years old, from geologic epochs long before humans existed. The oldest pigment in the collection is ~154 million years old.

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Do you have a specialized iron-oxide or ochre pigment? We’d love to see it.
Do you want to sponsor or donate financial support to the ongoing collection? Let’s talk.
Get in touch with curator, Heidi Gustafson, to share: heidi@earlyfutures.com or via IG @heidilynnheidilynn.

Contributors and Sponsors

Many thanks to the following generous contributors:

Melonie Ancheta, Native Paint Revealed, USA
Scott Sutton, Pigment Hunter, USA
Crystalynn Tarr, Rendered Earth Studio, Canada
New Riverside Ochre Co, USA
Hormuz Powders , Iran and Canada
Promindsa, Micronox Pigments, Spain
Toronto Ink Company, Canada
Ricky Priambodo, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Leon Korving, Mark van Loosdrecht, Philip Wilfert , Wetsus, Netherlands
Dorieke Schreurs, Netherlands
Morgan Williams, Applied Soils, USA
Devon Deimler, Opus Archives at Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA
Attila Gazo, Masters Pigments, USA
Andrew Zipkin,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA and Zambia
Phil Sibrell, USGS, USA
Tim Runde, Des Moines WWTP, USA
Book/Shop, USA
Earth Pigments Distributors, USA
Kremer Pigment, Germany
Natural Pigments Distributors, USA
Claire E Gustafson, Stanford University, USA
NW Rockhounds, USA
Kitt Repass, USA
Sintija Strode, Artist, Latvia
Lydia and Kurt Scherer, Stonehouse Artifacts, USA
Elin Glærum Haugland, Artist, Norway + Brazilian Amazon
Zeide Furtado, Civil Engineer, Brazil
Anja Slapničar, Slovenian Ceramics, Slovenia
Catalina Morales Christensen, artist/architect, UK and Columbia